A place of joy?

While away on holiday last week, we visited Barnstaple. Heading away from the pedestrianised shopping street, back to where we had parked the car, we walked along Joy Street. The sign on the end of the road had a rusty screw loose. It also had a bit of a cobweb. The weather was damp andContinue reading “A place of joy?”

In God’s house?

The passage I used for the phone line prayer meeting the other morning, Thursday the 2nd July, was from Genesis 28. Jacob uses a stone for a pillow, has his dream of angels ascending and descending, recognises the presence of God, and turns the stone into a marker anointing it with oil, declaring the placeContinue reading “In God’s house?”

The Moon by Night

It’s bed time! Actually long after it, and I’m nearly heading up the stairs but look at that moon, big and bright how can anyone tonight simply turn in when the wonder of the creator is displayed so brilliantly above, so instead of simply allowing the dog out for a brief wander in the garden,Continue reading “The Moon by Night”


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