We are perhaps used to eating whatever vegetable or fruit we feel like. The green grocer, or supermarket, allows a freedom of variety all year round that probably 50 years ago did not exist. As I snack on an apple I reflect that it is only May, and far too early for fruit to be in our own tree, but a look out the kitchen window shows it not completely bare, for this is the season of blossom.

Apple Blossom in the Manse Garden

The time of bud and blossom is a promise of things to come, of future hope, fruitfulness and delight. As we return to seeing more of each other in person, we are also in a time of promise but as we await further easing of restrictions, we must remember being together as a church is not intended simply to be for our own benefit but that we may honour the creator and be encouraged in God’s ways of Love, Righteousness, Joy and Peace. One day there will be a new season, the Christ will return bringing into being a new earth and heaven, until then may we be a people who blossom, and grow the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

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