It’s Easter Monday!

Have you had a long lie in bed this bank holiday? Our daily reflections have now come to an end, but I do hope they were of use to some of you during Lent. I will continue to occasionally use the blog facility of the website.

Bank Holiday Breakfast

I’m on holiday (not quite true I’m at a virtual Spring Harvest) The children were in a tent overnight and I spent it in a camping hammock, a refreshing and different experience. I was able to peek out from under a tarp at the stars twinkling above. As the birds brought their song at 5am I realised the darkness was giving way to the light of day, and the garden setting of my pitch became visible. Grass, daffodils, apple tree leaves and a pigeon became visible. They had been there when I went out to the hammock late last night (well probably not the pigeon) but the darkness prevented them from being seen.

Jesus resurrection brings new light into the world. His growing presence in our lives allow us to see things in the way they should be seen. This means that sometimes we might realise we need to adjust how we live, and some other times it might challenge us to change the world around us such that God’s kingdom of peace and justice might grow.

Please pray that as resurrection people we may reflect Christ’s light into this world.

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