Fast Day 37

Wednesday, 31st March

Reading Luke 22: 54-71

A servant-girl saw him seated there in the firelight. She looked closely at him and said, ‘This man was with him.’

Luke 22:56

The darkness had fallen in more than one way, not simply a set sun, but also Jesus’ arrest. Peter is left in a shocked state, he follows watching the prisoner be taken to the high priest’s house but why, what will he do? The answer is he doesn’t know himself and as he repeatedly gets challenged about his identity, “with him”, “one of them”, “a Galilean”, he denies his personhood throughout the night. The one who in faith cast the net, stepped out the boat, proclaimed Jesus to be the Messiah, and promised a few hours earlier to be ever faithful is found lacking in the way that Jesus said he would be.

I imagine few of us will be fearful of arrest because of our faith as we sit in a public place, but there may be times that we to others and ourself disown who we are as believers. Will we, faced with a difficult situation, choose the way of Jesus or take the easy option? On matters of kindness, justice, or love would we take the easy option, the one that costs our pocket the least, the one that allows us to keep our head down, and not upset anyone?

Let us pray today for our sisters and brothers in risk of persecution; may the Holy Spirit strengthen them and give courage in their witness. May those in authority who reject the Lord hear again of his greatness, and have hearts opened to receive the Gospel.

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