Fast Day 35

Monday, 29th March

Reading Luke 22: 1-23

Now the Festival of Unleavened Bread, called the Passover, was approaching,

Luke 22:1-23

The account of Jesus’ earthly ministry, his relationship with disciples, and the opposition by the priests and teachers of the law are at this time drawing closer together as a climax at the cross awaits us – but we are not there yet and the conclusion of the Gospel to a new reader is still a mystery. Meanwhile this passage, featuring the Lord’s Supper, has so much intrigue in the Gospel writer’s pen, it is almost like a John le Carré novel; shadowy goings on abound.

The commonly accepted motives for spying are MICE; Money, Ideology, Coercion, and Ego. While we don’t see coercion going on, it is quite possible that the other three are in operation. Thirty pieces of silver, desire to be within the law but helping the poor, and being seen by the political hierarchy as the key player. Does Judas understand what he is doing?

The betrayer however is not alone in his espionage-esque activity. Who is the cutout with a water jar, the person disciples are to follow rather than walk with? Is the “owner of the house” someone already familiar to the disciples, and how did he know to have a room ready? These questions cannot be answered. What we do see though is Jesus hosting Passover, with an awareness that betrayal is occurring, and a theological knowledge that all scriptural covenants are formed and renewed through bloodshed, in this case it will be his own.

The disciples question among themselves as to who is the mole within, we know it to be Judas, but of course it is for our sin that Jesus dies; we are all complicit in the journey to the cross.

Let us pray that in all our actions we may have honesty and integrity, so that we might honour Jesus and further the coming of the kingdom of God.

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