Fast Day 34

Saturday, 27th March

Reading Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

Psalm 23:1

The passage is perhaps the best known of all the psalms, and we have already during Lent alluded to it when we considered Jesus saying “I am the good shepherd” in John 10. However, we turn tis time to it as we get ready to enter Holy Week, and think today of God’s Love and tenderness towards us as individuals. Jesus spoke of looking after his sheep, the ones in his flock, but also that there were other flocks out there too. David, the psalmist states clearly that he is not of the other flocks, he identifies the Lord as his shepherd, and that this shepherd meets his personal needs. We too can have a personal relationship with the shepherd, we are not simply in the flock, we are not a number, but the shepherd knows us to the very hairs on our head, and because of his intimate knowledge he knows what we need. Need is of course separate from want, or desire. We may have many things in life that we would hope for, long for, or want to have, but they are not all needs, and even if these yearnings are in line with God’s plan the bigger picture sometimes means, that for reasons we don’t understand, we will not have that hope met, but the right need will be met at the right time.

May we, today, seek guidance for the Lord for what we pray, that we may truly be seeking his will, rather than our own.

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