Fast Day 18

Tuesday, 9th March

Reading Psalm 6

My soul is in deep anguish. How long, LORD, how long

Psalm 6:3

David, the psalmist, is often very expressive in his words and actions. When he is joyful he dances to the Lord, and when in sorrow, or heavily burdened, he comes to the Lord crying aloud. Do we, I wonder, really open our heart to the Lord? Do we confine ourselves because of societal pressures, or a fear of judgement by others in the church? Are we passionate in our private prayer, so that we may come before God in the way that really reveals the true depth.

Over the years, normally in private, there are times I have shouted and stomped round a room. There are times I have cried. Times too that I have been happy and laughed in my prayer times. If we are in relationship with God, we should be honest with Him, but that doesn’t mean only in private does it?

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