A place of joy?

While away on holiday last week, we visited Barnstaple. Heading away from the pedestrianised shopping street, back to where we had parked the car, we walked along Joy Street.

Joy Street, Barnstaple

The sign on the end of the road had a rusty screw loose. It also had a bit of a cobweb. The weather was damp and drizzly. There were a few tiny weeds poking through the block paving. Some of the shops and businesses were no longer in business. It did not look the most salubrious of locations, but none of these things stopped it being Joy Street.

There are times we might feel a bit “meh!” There are times we may be unwell, struggling financially, unsure of the future, challenged by the restrictions on life, or simply cobwebby. Even though we might be a little run down, are we still in a place of Joy? Joy is not simply a little laugh at a joke we forget 5 minutes later, but can be a deep feeling in our heart that carries us through even times of great sorrow. We can have great Joy in the Lord because of his love for us; whatever on earth happens to the believer it cannot take away the redemption by Christ, and the hope of life eternal. May the Joy of the Lord be our strength (Nehemiah 8: 10)

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  1. So much truth in your comments Keith -thank you for sharing that. Trust you all had a great holiday too.

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