Bow down for those bowed down

Outside our back door there are a couple of chard plants that we bought a year or two ago at a school fayre in Scaynes Hill. Recently in the sunny weather they have been growing taller and taller. They have huge shiny green leaves and a yellow stem. One of the plants has now reached about 2 foot high, or at least it was a couple of days ago. Yesterday it was on the ground, the sky had been sunny for so long but the pounding of a heavy storm flattened it.

How many of those that we look at and see as standing strong are just a moment away from being reduced to tears, to being collapsed, to breaking down? Please uphold in your prayers those that we are perhaps admiring just now, and marvelling at how they are coping, recognising that maybe they are actually struggling through the day with the weight upon them.

Ask that the Holy Spirit may encourage and strengthen the huge raft of people from teachers to shop assistants, funeral directors to farmers, postal staff to government ministers, journalists to all in the health service and care homes – particularly care homes at this time! Give God thanks and praise for what these people have been doing, and are doing each day, and ask that He may guide them forward in their different duties, watching over them and bringing His protection.

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