A house of prayer

On this Monday of Holy Week we often bring to mind how Jesus went into the temple and turned the tables over, he disturbed the complacency of unjust society and challenged the people of Jerusalem to consider what is important.

What might have been important to us a couple of months ago in early February might not be our focus now. Priorities have changed. Business activities and leisure pursuits are altered. Families and friendships are tested in the response to how we must adjust our life not for a few hours, a day, or a week but for the weeks and months ahead.

Wealth and power are no guarantee of good health and we pray for Boris Johnson tonight, as he is taken into intensive care. We remember too his partner Carrie Symonds pregnant with their child, but also suffering viral symptoms, and we remember all families this virus is causing distress to, those robbed of being together, and those who are struggling to find a way ahead.

We ask Lord for your presence to be known by our Prime Minister, that by your Holy Spirit you may bring hope to his family at this time of concern. Whatever our politics we ask for healing to be known, that your hand may guide the medical staff at St Thomas’ and in hospitals around the world. We lift before you our government in this most challenging time, and the new leader of the opposition, that each may act with justice and peace, not politics. May your wholeness fill all our lives, that we who worship you may not be found wanting, but your church might be seen to be a house of prayer. Amen

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