Birds of the air

Back in January I mentioned in a sermon the annual “big garden bird watch” by the Royal Society of the protection of Birds. Today they have announced their top 10, and the bird in the number one spot is not really a surprise, the House Sparrow has also held that place for the past 16 years. 

Why don’t we nip into my back garden as I read Matthew 6: 25-30. In this video.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6 that the Lord cares for the birds of the air, he feeds them, and has a great heart for us too. He clothes the flowers, and will provide for us.

Although the Lord feeds the birds, we often do so too. Although the Lord clothes the flowers, we sometimes plant or arrange them so that their beauty is displayed in new ways. As we, along with others trust in the Lord at this time of the coronavirus crisis, how can you arrange and provide things so that those trusting in the Lord can have their needs met? 

Are we people of little faith, or people of faith who show that faith in our love.

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